The African Tech Vision. Kick off

We are thrilled to announce the start of our first 6 weeks entrepreneurial program for early-stage African Female founders. This program was designed as a truly founder-centric program where the growth of the founders defines the success of the program. With trailblazing female founders from Ghana, Ruanda, Ivory Coast, Morocco, Tunisia, Nigeria, Kenya, Ethiopia, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and diverse CEOs from sectors such as health care, e-learning and SaaS business we are kicking off the African Tech Vision. Within the program these founders will benefit from the opportunity to establish relationships and a network with local and global experts and successful entrepreneurs. The entire program is free of charge and you won’t trade equity.

The idea for the African Tech Vision was born from the desire to shine a spotlight on the enormous potential of African female entrepreneurs. THEIR DREAMS and HOPES for a SUSTAINABLE FUTURE of the continent.

Why do we focus on women? There are many good reasons to focus on female entrepreneurs in Africa — here are some:

  • Startups founded or co-founded by women use their funds more effectively making more than twice as much revenue as male founders per invested dollar.
  • Every $ invested in a woman will serve the community since women typically invest 90% of their income back into their families and communities.
  • African Women are the backbone of the continent. Yet, they face a $42 billion-dollar financing gap.

The African Tech Vision was initiated by a group of startup enthusiasts, entrepreneurs and venture capitalists from the global tech ecosystem. We are passionate about the entrepreneurial power of African Female entrepreneurs. With our efforts we aim to inspire and nurture the next generation of purpose-driven African female entrepreneurs!

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Sohaila is a Tech-Evangelista & passionate deep tech Venture Capital investor.